About this blog


„so what’s that blog about“
“well, Dublin, you know, how I loved it first. Then hated it. And then tried to love it again.
“that’s a bit blunt, innit?”
“what do you mean: blunt”
“well, it’s not very inviting”
“it’s the truth”
“ha, the truth. Nobody wants the truth. If you want the truth leave the country, move to Paris and win a Nobel Prize”
“still –“
“yeah, I guess after all it’s good that we have more foreigners like you to tell us all the crap that is going on here. “
“like the heating -”
“what’s wrong with that? Just put on another jumper or have a hot whiskey or put on another jumper and three hats and go to the pub and have a hot whiskey.”
“mostly because you don’t want to be home where its cold and moldy. Don’t get me wrong. I love this city, but the landlords –”
“don’t get me started”
“I wanted to have a cat, but he won’t have it. He’ll have the mold, but not the cat”
“mold doesn’t purr and it isn’t very cute”
“I have an allergy to animal hair, so maybe it’s all for the best.”
“blessing in disguise”
“I could also just move another time. But it could make things worse, so better stay”
“in the end I have a long history of complaining, but I am still here”
“you and me both”
“and in the end who needs health insurance when you have good genetics. maybe i am just too German”
„so whats this blog called“
„what the ostrich sees“
„mostly sand, i suppose“

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